About Stamp-Happy.Com

Stamp-Happy.Com was launched in July of 2000 and is located in Manteca California. It is a small family business as opposed to a commercial craft center. Our desire is to help you enjoy and expand your free-time pursuits. If you are interested in crafts in general, or stamping and scrapbooking in particular, please browse our site.

Dara Torrano (Owner/Stamper died 4/27/04). Dara suffered from kidney failure from the time she was 19 years old. She was avidly interested in stamping and scrapbooking and always desired to open a small craft store devoted to stamping. Her dialysis treatments required much of her time and energy and she was never able to open her brick-and-mortar store. Then along came the internet and she saw the chance to open an online store. Thus Stamp-Happy.Com came into existance.

Dara's Father is a retired engineer with computer programming experience. The two of them implemented Stamp-Happy.Com. He wrote the software and she managed everything else.

While trying to cope with the loss of Dara, and it appears that none of her extended family has the time or ambition to continue the business.

I am Dara's best friend and long time stamping partner. It was natural for her family to request that my husband and I keep the business alive in her memory. With the support and blessing of her family, Stamp-Happy will re-open on August 2nd, 2004 and we hope to make Dara proud and continue her hard work and love of stamping.

Kelli and Jesse Woodruff